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I Clicker

Hello internet-people! Lately I had the opportunity to see in my practicum a presentation about love and chimestry. (So what?!) It was nice, but what really got my attention was the fact that the presenter used Clickers.I wanted to know how it works and what it is now possible to do with those things. Therefore, I looked on the internet! Here is what I found and what I think.

Basic Knowledge
The system is really easy; students have their own remote. The idea is simple; the teacher asks questions that will be silently answered by students using those. The answers, after a small amount of time, are diffused on the board.

One of the most famous brand I>Clicker.

Many universities already use these system. They call the classes that use them CRS(Classroom Response System).

What does it change in the classroom?

CRS is a whole new way of building toward success. It is a nice way of having students’ attention as well as having feedback from what they understand and what they don’t. It changes a boring class into a nice interactive active learning approach based class.

Earlier on this page, I have written on Cellphones in classrooms. I will come back to it. In my blog, I supported that maybe using cellphones ifficiently is a good way of having students interact as well as help them being able to easily get to the knowledge needed(for instance, it would benefit greatly students if a teacher showed them how to use an online dictionary with their cellphones.) I have another argument! I>Clicker!

Guess what? It works with Iphones, Ipads, Smart Phones, Ipods and whatever will come next! You know how kids are… If they can use their cellphone to answer in class, they will love you as well as your course, even if it’s a writting class! Also, if students use their own electronic devices, it does not cost a lot to the school!

Having students interact with you automaticaly leads to a better concentration. If they are less distracted, they will listen better and thus learn more. If they know they will have to answer a question about what they are currently listening, they will pay more attention!

What a nice way of having them listening better!

Careful young boy!

But you must be careful, if they use their cellphones, it does not mean they can do whatever they would like to such as texting or facebooking. The teacher must be careful to what he does as well… Asking random questions does not automatically leeads to better marks… It sure helps but you the prof. must use this tool wisely!



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